Zero tolerance for rental arrears

Property investors Auckland rest assured as Reliance Property Management has a zero tolerance for late or non-payments of rent. Your rent is collected by Reliance Property Management and checked every week by our rental managers. We issue a formal 14-day notice to resolve any late payments of rent and follow up with a phone call and visit your tenant. This is in line with the Tenancy Tribunal process and makes it easier to take action if your tenant continues to be uncooperative.

Tenancy Tribunal

When required our experienced staff will represent you in the tenancy tribunal meetings. They are trained in managing outcomes and will endeavor to provide the best outcome on your behalf.

Comprehensive property inspections including photographs

Our rental managers provide quarterly comprehensive inspection reports for your property. These reports include photographs or videos of any damage done to the property, including anything we think requires immediate attention. We can arrange maintenance and repairs on your behalf including things such as cleaning, lawn mowing, plumbing and electrical services, leaving you as a landlord relaxed and stress-free.

Maintenance prediction reports

As part of our quarterly inspection reports we also provide you with a detailed report of any damages or concerns we think you may incur in the future and our suggestions as to how to solve them.

Market your property

All property listings will be advertised on Trade Me, our website and other social media websites. Each listing will include photographic images of the property. Prospective tenants will be brought through your property for viewing each week until the property is leased, subject to access provided by the current occupant. Landlords will be updated on the availability of the property at least twice a week.

Tenant background checks

Reliance Property Management personally checks referees of all prospective tenants. We use Centrix Credit Bureau data and Multi-Bureau checks – including Centrix and Veda data. These checks include company information, tenant reviews, tenancy tribunal results, sensible sentencing trust, Ministry of Justice fines database, TPS credit control default data, 10+ years of Tenancy Tribunal data and more. We ensure legitimate references rather than just a friend or acquaintance. At least one referee being a previous landlord.

Rent appraisals

Rental Properties Auckland, we offer free rental appraisals on your property by comparing your property to similar properties in the area to ensure you maximize the return on your property.

Regular rent reviews

Reliance Property Management also offers you a 6monthly rent review on your property so you can maximize on your investment.

Meth testing

We use a reputable company who meet current NZ standards and know how to effectively manage drug testing quickly. This is all managed confidentially to protect your investment.

24/7 service at your request