Emergency Phone: 027 713 1131

  • Tenant

  • Contact Details

  • Repairs Required

    • Unsecured premises due to a break in. Call the police first, then call your property manager or office.
    • Fire or you smell smoke - if a fire has already started dial 111 immediately. Then phone your property manager or office
    • Overflowing drains or raw sewage
    • Serious water or pluming leak (turn off the water if you are able to find the value)
    • No power - (if you have phoned your power company and they have confirmed it is not due to any power cuts/outages in the area)
    • No water - (if you have phoned Watercare and they have confirmed there are no issues in the area)
    • Alarm that will not turn off
    • Blocked toilet (if this is the only useable one at the property)
    • No hot water
    • No cooking facilities
    • Everyday appliance failure
    • No power (if it is a power company issue)
    • No water (if it is a Watercare issue)
    • Lost keys or keys locked in a house or car - please phone a locksmith
  • Each case will be assessed on its merit and a decision will be made as to whether it requires immediate assistance.