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What’s the difference between a letting agent and a property manager?

A letting agent solely focuses on finding tenants and charges an admin fee. A property manager strives to find you the best tenants and manages everything from rent to repairs of your property.  Having a property manager source your tenants can speed up the process for you, give you a bit more peace of mind and maximize the rent you receive. Excellent tenants make our jobs easier, so we have a vested interest in going the extra mile to find you the best tenants to rent out your property.

How do we find tenants?

Based on the requirements of your property we advertise online on sites such as Trade Me. We maintain good relationships with our tenants and create a database of tenants we have dealt with or consider good prospective tenants. Most of this cost is covered by an admin fee charged to the tenant. On rare occasions, a greater advertising budget may be discussed, which the landlord will have to cover. Tenants are shown through the property ourselves, no keys are given directly to potential tenants and your property will never be left open and unattended.

How are tenant background checks done?

Though there is no guarantee that perfect tenants will be found. However, we as property managers can reduce significantly minimize the risk of having bad ones. All prospective tenants are required to fill out an application form with personal information, referees, and their current or previous landlords. All our forms have been drafted by lawyers directly involved in the industry so you can have peace of mind that all bases have been covered. We check the tenant's references and credit history. As we take the prospective tenants through the property ourselves for viewings we also form a personal opinion of them, therefore with our years of experience we are very quick to pick up the signs of a good or bad tenant.

How long does it take to find tenants?

This is influenced by various factors such as the rental market, the time of year and the presentation of your property at the time. With a competitive rental market, it is important your property is well presented which in turn helps your property to be rented out faster within a few days and at a good price. However, it can take three to four weeks to find a good tenant.

What is the difference between fixed term and periodic tenancy?

A fixed term tenancy runs for a fixed period of time. Notice to either party cannot be given. The means you may not take possession of the property and if the property is sold it must be with the sitting tenant.
A periodic tenancy means tenants may move whenever they like, but 21 days’ notices must be given first. Similarly, you must give your tenants 42 days’ notice if you wish to terminate your contract with them for reasons such as moving into the property yourself or if you’ve sold with an unconditional purchase agreement. Any other reason requires you to give 90 days’ notice.

How often will your property be inspected?

We inspect the properties every three months. This is a more frequent rate than what our property managers may offer which generally means a more tidier investment for you. Frequent checks also allow us to build relationships with your tenants, which is important if anything goes wrong. Inspections are done before the tenant moves in or out. If we see anything which we feel requires maintenance or repair we will inspect the property again once the work has been carried out and completed. For your information, tenants must be given a written notice of the inspection 48 hours prior to just arriving at the property and inspections can only be done between certain hours of the day.

Who looks after the lawns and garden?

Generally, this is the tenant's responsibility. If you have an extensive garden, one that requires a specialist's attention or one that is shared by more than one tenancy, we would recommend including the regular gardening maintenance costs in the rental price.

How do we pay for any maintenance or repair?

We have a list of reliable tradesmen, who we have carefully selected. We’ll pay them for their work with the rent collected from your property and these charges will be shown on your quarterly statement. The landlord will be contacted if the price for the work exceeds our agreed dollar value for maintenance and repairs.

What happens if I decide to sell my property?

You can place your property on the market while its tenanted however there is a certain process you’ll need to follow. With our knowledge of the Tenancy Act, we can guide you through this if need be.

What is your policy on rent arrears?

We have a strict policy on rent arrears will a step by step procedure to collect your rent. In basic form, we call and visit the tenants, apply to the tenancy tribunal and complete evictions if necessary. We reduce rent arrears by selecting great tenants for your property.

What is your availability after hours and weekends?

We are available to deal with urgent matters seven days a week. Our mobiles can be reached Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm, however for after-hours emergencies if you leave a voicemail or message we will respond back to you as soon as possible.

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