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Normally property management companies have a specified notice period if you wish to terminate their contract. This can be sourced in your management agreement with that agency. You will need to email your current property manager and notify them to make the change. You will need to establish an end date for the agreement and send us their contact details. From there onwards it is our responsibility for the management of your property.

A useful list of things at handover:

•A copy of the current Tenancy Agreement.
•A signed ‘Change of Landlord/ Agent Form’ for the bond. We provide this.
•Full transaction history for the tenancy.
•Full set of keys for the property – one key for every lock.
•A copy of the condition report prepared at the beginning of the tenancy.
•Any remedy notices issued to the tenant during the course of the tenancy.
•Any Tenancy Tribunal or Mediator’s Orders for the tenancy.

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