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Reliance Property Management offers tenants complete care. We listen to what you want in a property and help you find it We guide you through the application process and care for you and your home once you’re settled. In future you decide to move on, we will help you find another home.

Tenants Vacating checklist.


  • Mail Redirection – please ensure that all mail is re-directed to your new address. You can complete a form with New Zealand Post to assist with this.
  • Utilities – electricity, gas, phone, etc. Please ensure all accounts are advised and canceled accordingly.
  • Appliance manuals – please leave them on the kitchen counter.
  • Keys – please ensure you have all the keys as handed to you at the start of the tenancy. Also, hand over any extra keys you have arranged to have cut.

Inside the Property

  • Walls – please clean off any dirty marks, removable scuff marks, finger or food marks etc.
  • Ceilings – please remove any cobwebs.
  • Ceiling mold – please clean off (particularly in wet areas and sometimes in bedrooms).
  • Light fittings – clean off dust and remove any dead insects inside.
  • Ceiling fans -wipe fan blades and tops of fittings to remove dust build up.
  • Skirting boards – wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Doorways, doors – wipe off finger marks and any other removable marks.
  • Windows – clean inside and out. Also sills and runners (wipe out dust build up and any dead insects. A vacuum cleaner and paintbrush can really help here).
  • Screen doors – front and back including frames – wiped clean and screen wire brushed.
  • Stoves – clean stove top, control display, knobs, panels around knobs, and pull out or in-built drip trays, griller racks, trays and any inserts, oven racks, trays and oven bottom, walls and oven roof. A good oven cleaner will clean most ovens – however, it is of importance that you read carefully the instructions on the product. Some cleaners can actually hinder oven surfaces (like stainless steel), and also some products have dangerous caustic fumes. Therefore use with extreme caution!
  • Kitchen range hood – clean pull out filters and framework.
  • Bathroom – clean sink, mirror, cabinet, vanity unit and drawers, shower recess, glass screen and screen doors, bath and wall tiles. Please ensure both the sink and bath has a plug available.
  • Toilet – clean cistern, seat, bowl inside and also outside around the base. Don’t forget the skirting tiles around the toilet.
  • Laundry – clean both the inside and outside of the sink, and underneath. Please ensure a plug is present.
  • Tiling -make sure all tiling and grouting to the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and laundry areas are clean.
  • Heat Pumps – front vents and filters cleaned of built-up dirt. Modern systems (Wall Type) – filters easily pull out and can be brushed down with a hand brush. If there is a HRV unit, the air intake filter should be cleaned. This is usually on the ceiling in the passage area.
  • HRV ceiling duct vents – please clean down if dusty or dirty.
  • Cupboards/drawers – please clean/wash inside and out. Also cupboard doors and door frames, front, and back of doors need to be cleaned.
  • Curtains – wash any washable curtains and netting. If other curtains are visibly dusty or dirty, consider dry cleaning.
  • Blinds – if you have Venetian blinds, clean off the blind slats. Any other type of blinds should be able to be wiped down.
  • Floors – floors to be mopped/washed if needed – please ensure corners and hard to get areas are also cleaned.
  • Carpets – please ensure the carpets are clean. Be aware that using cheap ‘do it yourself’ carpet cleaning hire machines may initially save on cost, but in the long run may cost you a lot more as they generally do not have the power to get carpets properly clean. This can result in professional carpet cleaning still required after you have paid to hire a machine as well!

Outside the property

  • Lawns – freshly mowed and edged (best done a couple of days before moving out).
  • Gardens – remove any weeds, any rubbish and built up leaves etc.
  • Guttering – please ensure that the gutters are freshly cleaned of any dirt/silt and leaves/twigs.
  • Rubbish – remove any rubbish that you have placed at the property. Be sure to check behind sheds, under shrubs and trees. This includes lawn clippings piled and compost left.
  • Sweep paths and paving areas
  • Oil spillage removal – check and clean carport and garage floors, paths and driveway. If you have used a barbeque, check for any grease spots and spillages etc.
  • Cigarette butts – if there are cigarette butts lying around – please pick up and remove.
  • Garages and tool sheds – please remove any items from inside and behind garages and tool sheds that belong to you, including rubbish.

If you have a pet

  • Pet droppings – please remove from gardens, lawns and any out of the way areas. Please dispose of in the bin – please do not bury them.
  • Dog urine – remove/clean where your pet may habitually urinate (Base of walls, verandah posts etc.)
  • Dog stains – to outside walls. Check where your dog regularly lies down, there might be ‘tell tale signs’ on walls etc.
  • Dog/Cat claw damage – check screen doors, flyscreens and curtains. Please replace the screen wire if required.
  • Dog chew damage – please ensure watering systems are free of dog chew damage and are repaired accordingly.
  • Pet hair – please ensure any visible pet hair inside is removed.
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